I Am Now a Master…of Arts

I passed my French Language Exam and so have fulfilled all of the requirements for my Master of Arts in Historical Theology degree from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Huzzah!

As such, I am making the move to my new blog over at patristicsandphilosophy.wordpress.com where I can focus more on my primary interests: Patristics and Ancient/Hellenistic philosophy. It will be less personal thoughts and more the product of actual research (who would have thought?!). Less posts, hopefully more substance.


I’ve never really liked the name I chose for this blog, nor the purpose. It always seemed too general. It worked well, I guess, while I was doing my degree in Historical Theology, but I want something more specific to my area of interest. That is why at some point yet to be determined, I will be transitioning to a new blog address: patristicsandphilosophy.wordpress.com (note: there is no content there that is not already here). I hope to keep the posts there specifically about the Early Church and Ancient/Hellenistic Philosophy and their interaction. Maybe I’ll post non-Patristic related material here, though I haven’t decided that yet. I don’t really want my blog to be used as a type of social media outlet, but a serious researching tool in which others can interact with my research to help make me a better scholar.