Personal Reflections

  • I still waste time online, most recently by a comment debate. This takes time away from doing my paper and studying for the GRE. It almost makes me want to close my blog so that I can 1) use my time more wisely, and 2) cease making an ass of myself.
  • While studying for the GRE, I’m reminded how ignorant I am and how much I want to give my children a large vocabulary (whether they like it or not). I was raised to be in touch with my inward emotional status, but never given the tools to express it. Thus, I rely on hijacked phraseology and suffer from a  recurring misuse of terms and phrases. English is a beautiful language and do not take advantage of its potential.
  • While the internet gives us a plethora of resources at our fingertips, its ability to distract and our inability to exercise self-control makes us not only ignorant, but stupid. It’s all right there, but we (I) don’t use it.
  • I will never accomplish anything great in my field of study, but I hope that above all else I will be a good Christian, husband, father, and son.
  • Most of the reading I do is for vainglory – to say that I have read “it” – instead of knowledge.
  • I am impatient.
  • After every interaction (in person or online) with others, I often feel guilty for saying too much or too little (or something just plain stupid).
  • I care more about finding solidarity than the truth.
  • When I do talk, I talk too much.

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