Post Lenten Reflection

Here are some thoughts about my attempt at fasting during lent.

1) My desire to remains abstinent from all useless media and information faltered after a week or so. The only thing that probably kept me from wasting time was being so busy. But, even near the end I found myself checking blogs and what not.

2) I shouldn’t do this kind of thing alone. It’s helpful to have some encouragement.

3) I didn’t fill the open time with prayer as I had hoped. I still need to learn to pray if I want to continue being a Christian. I see no other way around it. No prayer = practical atheism.

4) I filled my time with classical music, especially Rimsky-Korsakov’s Sheherazade. I even purchased Gardiner’s conduction of Beethoven’s symphonies.

5) Even though I’m mostly done with the semester (just final exams left and finishing one little assignment), I have found that my desire to write posts or visit blogs has decreased. Possibly because I’m getting more focused on my future academic pursuits that there’s not much out there that is interesting. If it is interested, it’s so far removed from my field of study that I’ve just stopped trying to bother.


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