Political Thinking Done Right

I’m new to the issues of politics. I was reared to be suspicious of all politicians as they care only for one thing: money. However, I have come to learn politicians are not just concerned with money. There are many other things which harness their attention: sex, power, not being (insert political party you don’t like here), etc… Needless to say, I tend to avoid politics when I can. However, I recently re-listened to a lecture by Phillip Blond which I found absolutely splendid. Politics begun and thought out philosophically, not just pragmatically. So, here is the video of his speech (you can also download the audio or video from Villanova’s iTunesU page).



7 thoughts on “Political Thinking Done Right

  1. Yeah, I sent Fr. Gregory the link and told him to watch it. I don’t know if he would be as enthusiastic. I also posted it on Facebook. I’m interested in what people have to say about it. Indeed, the Latin name raises it in my book 🙂 I have been trying to articulate many of the same points for myself over the past few years. I watched a short clip by him on Youtube as well where he advocates a return to a “Catholic” political/economic system; on that regard I think he is correct. I know many will disagree with me there though 🙂

    • Hopefully it will start some good philosophical discussions about the nature of liberty in which you can show that there is no such thing as liberty if we first do not have a concept of the good (which in turn would demolish the current concepts of liberty, as Blonde explained). Metaphysics first! 🙂

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