Teaching – Day 10

Today was the last day of class. I started out with the final quiz which was the entire alphabet (the symbols, names, and trasnliterations). I figured I could waste time by going through the answers in class. There is an interesting dynamic that occurs when one has students grade each others quizzes. If they are boys, and friends (to some extant), it almost seems as if they searched for ways for it to be wrong (okay, it was only a few people, but it was still interesting to see). I also realized that I probably should have kept the quiz until the very end. There was no motivation or purpose for them to continue to pay attention. I tried to briefly cover infinitives, imperatives, and participles within the first hour by giving them some resources they could use and explaining how to use it. The second hour I planned on having them pick a verse that they liked from the NT and we would work through it based upon what we had learned in the class. This, while I thought it was a good idea, was a complete failure. A couple students did try to be interested, but I think they just felt sorry for. The last hour, I wanted them to have the opportunity to give me suggestions for ways to improve the class. It was interesting to hear what they had to say (except for a few students who told me to tell more jokes and play irrelevant movies). They admitted that getting and groups and working on something that was relevant to the class was helpful and enjoyable. That was my initial impression of the day that I implemented that tactic, but it was more reassuring to hear them say it. In the end, I think I will give myself a B-. It was a wonderful experience and it solidified my decision to become a teacher. I like it much more than preaching. I hope that I can be used by God to build up the Body of Christ, no matter what I teach.


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