Teaching – Day 9

Today the class went as usual. I droned on and the students doodled or distracted themselves with other things. Since I wrote about this (and my reactions to it) before, nothing further really need be said. Although, one thing I would glean from this is that 3-hour classes are a bad idea. For the first hour, the students are attentive (for the most part) and somewhat awake. But once I get beyond the first hour mark, all hope is lost. Now, I’m used to 3-hour classes at Seminary, so I may not have a real grasp on how difficult such a class is for these students. Which makes me wonder whether 3-hour classes are good for any age group? Are 3-hour classes in College about learning or about fitting a requirement into a schedule and saving money? A correlative to this is the question of whether Higher Education has become more of a business bent on making money or an actual environment to learn. Can these two factors be separated?


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