Teaching – Day 8

I suppose there comes a day when ever new teacher must experience failure. I think today was my day. It wasn’t a total failure, but student attention/interest was at its least. When girls are playing pick-up-sticks with bobby pins, you know your past the point of no return. I almost feel helpless at this point. Not only is the class over in two days, but it’s pass/fail so there is no reason why they need to write anything down or even pay attention. It doesn’t help that I’m trying to cram in all the information about verbs into a couple days (should I even bother with participles?). I find it interesting how they dis-interest makes me feel. I know their Junior/High Schoolers and I can’t expect them to have the same feelings towards Greek as I did in my Senior year of College, but it’s still depressing. I almost feels like they have no respect for me. That’s interesting because it assumes much about what respect is and entails. Does respect mean they have to have the same interest and enthusiasm that I have? I know that it is not the case, but I wish that it did.


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