Teaching – Day 7

How much interaction should a teacher have with the students when teaching and does ones answer depend on the subject being taught. Some of the students remarked today that their other teachers do not like them to talk (i.e., ask questions, etc…) as much as I apparently did. This confused me as I can conceive of no other way to teach Greek. I’m not just going to stand up at the whiteboard with my back to the students and drone on and on about the subject matter. I say something multiple times, then I periodically say it again but leave off the answer. This requires them to 1) have actually written something down  and 2) to be paying attention. My wife suggested that such a method may be more appropriate to a language class than other classes. I could see her point, but it is difficult for me to imagine doing it any other way. Actually, I would modify my current method a little. As it stands, I just leave the answer open for anyone to answer. This means that only certain people will ever give an answer. It does have the benefit of not making a public spectacle of a student who may not grasp the concepts as well as others, but I think the negative outweighs the positive. So, I probably should call on specific people for specific answers. This would probably encourage them to take better notes and pay better attention as they do not know when I might call on them.


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