Teaching – Day 6

I like weekends. Not just because I get to sleep in, but because the students get the rest they might not get the rest of the week. This also means that, while they may not want to be in school on Monday, they do have a bit more energy than they do on a Thursday or Friday. Today I finally introduced the third declension (following Mounce’s book). In fact, I think I’ve spent the last 3 days trying to cram the concept of inflection and case endings into their heads. While I had hoped to start verbs today, I had to cover the third declension. In fact, I originally wasn’t planning on talking about the third declension, but only decided to do so when I was reviewing my previous lesson plan this morning. I was slightly downcast because I thought they would be bored out of their minds to see me write case endings on the board, copy them down, and then hear me drone on and on in explanation. Well, I was right. However, there was light at the end of the tunnel for in the midst of an example of a third declension noun (I think it as πας), they got it! Oh, what joy it is to hear them say that they finally understand inflection and case endings! It’s really not that hard; know the root, know the case ending, and put them together (with a few anomalies here and there). But, for people reared on English, such a concept is very foreign. I remember how difficult it was for me to get it at first and the relief I felt when it finally clicked. In some ways, I’m experiencing that same feeling now. Now I just have to cram everything I know about verbs into four days. Yay!


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