Teaching – Day 4

Today’s atmosphere was similar to yesterdays. The kids are tired and Greek is hard. I didn’t make it any better by adding two who sets of case endings AND the full paradigm of articles. What was interesting was when I gave them a worksheet of the nouns in John 1:1-8 that they should be able to parse now knowing (or at least having written them down) the articles and case endings. I suddenly realized that while most of them took notes after I specifically told them they would need to do so, the quality of their note taking was poor. Of course, they are Junior/High Schoolers and I am not up front doing a song and dance to entertain them. Today showed how specific I need to be. I assumed (and have the entire time) a lot more about them as students then I should have. This reflects my lack of experience as a teacher, something from which I hope to learn. I have to assume that they are at rock bottom in all things “school.” It’s similar to what my father taught me about driving: assume everyone else on the road is an idiot and is going to do something stupid. It’s not charitable, but it will save lives.

This poses an important and relevant question: Does assuming complete ignorance of all things reflect a good teaching method or a poor education system?


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