Teaching – Day 2

The first two-thirds of today’s class went extremely well. Apparently,  it really does pay off to plan out a lesson before hand. 🙂 The first third of the class was focused on review (which we did after the quiz, of course). Then, I gave them little note cards and had them make flash cards and quiz their neighbors. This took a lot of time and having them perform the activity seemed to engage them more than just me talking (who would have thought). The second third of the class was about punctuation and accentuation. As there are a limited number of punctuation and accentuation marks, this went by quickly and was easily comprehended. Next, I went through the rules of syllabification (by far one of the greatest words ever). One thing that I like to do when introducing a lot of new content is to repeat whatever was just said once new information has been introduced. While it may be slightly annoying to them, I think it is the best way to cement these important aspects of Greek into their head. Once these rules were explained, I handed out a worksheet that had the first four verses of John 1 and had them try to go through and indicate where the syllables were. Again, having them perform the activity seemed to go over well. While they were working on it, I wrote the verses on the whiteboard and once they were done, I went through word by word having them tell me where the syllables were divided. I tried to refer to the rules as often as I could or make them explain why the syllables were divided the way they were. After their second break, I could tell they were ready to be done. I always hated my three hour classes (though that’s all I have in Seminary now), so I don’t blame them for losing interest, especially as lunch drew nearer. When they returned, I had everyone try to read John 1.1-4 out loud. This went okay, but it’s hard to do something like that when there are a few students who are really catching on and the other students just let them answer first. I’m going to have to do something to get some of the more quite students involved (by the way, for those who are still students, teachers can see everything!). Once this was done, I still had about half-an-hour left. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan this portion as thoroughly as I should have. I didn’t want to introduce a new topic so close to the end of class, but I couldn’t think of what to do. Maybe next time if I run into that problem, I will do review. I tried going over the differences between English and Greek (i.e., word order v. inflection), but my own limited knowledge of English (i.e., technical English grammar) made it difficult to explain without a lot of preparation. I was grasping for their attention. Tomorrow, I will have to explain things more clearly in this regards before I can get into declensions and case endings.

As for now, I get to work on my “Didymus” translation and grade quizzes. Huzzah!


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