Teaching – Day 1

I think I will label the first day a success. I attempted to cover the reasons why the New Testament was written in Greek and the history of how we got our present day Green New Testaments. Some seemed interested. Others bore the evidence of a lack of sleep (or just a desire for more of it). I think of the other classes that some of the students get to take (Ping Pong, Photography, Cooking, etc…) and I wonder if, after day one, most of my students wished they could be in another class. To start the class, I had them introduce themselves and explain why they wanted to take this class. There was one student who really wanted to take the class, others thought it would be more fun than some of the other available classes, while still others had no idea what they were getting into. My personality resonates with the one student who wanted to take the class, but I was only that way in College. Kudos to her for desiring to learn Greek in order to study the Bible while in Middle School (though, she may be a Freshman). I’m not sure how to make this exciting for them, though part of me wants to say that making them excited isn’t my responsibility. I know how hard a three hour class is, I just can’t imaging being in Middle/High School and taking a three hour class on a subject in which you’re not really interested.

I’m interested to see how tomorrow goes. First we’ll review the Alphabet, and then start in on nouns. Maybe I’ll have them do some transliterating in class to give them practice.


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