Papatheofanis Lectures on Early Christianity

As one who will someday be a Patristic scholar (I find it presumptuous to claim to be a scholar before I’ve done the work) and as one who is not quite Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox (though not quite Protestant as well), I am thoroughly excited that Wheaton College has started its Center for Early Christian Studies. As one who grew up in an Evangelical culture devoid of historical concerns and antithetical to anything that smacks of Roman Catholicism (we were ignorant of the Eastern Orthodox church), it is about time that Evangelicals rediscovered their heritage (the Reformers were more aware of the Church Fathers than we were). I just found the first two lectures for the center called the “Papatheofanis Lectures on Early Christianity” and enjoyed them during my 45 minute commute. The first lecture by Wilken is a wonderful defense of what Evangelicals can learn from the Church Fathers about reading Scripture beyond a shallow appropriation based upon some antiquarian fancy.  The other one by Fergusen is about why one should study the Early Church. While he is very much a Protestant, I think he offers some very good reasons why studying the Early Church is a necessary aid for biblical interpretation.


One thought on “Papatheofanis Lectures on Early Christianity

  1. Hello,

    I am a monk (ordained) and lecturer at Shoumen University in Bulgaria. I am writing a book on Montanism, a movement mentioned by Didymus as well. Can you provide a quote for his Frag. in Act. Apost. ? I can not find in Migne, PG.

    I have heard about a new dissertation which is unavailable over here and which might interest you: Arcieri, M. The Text of Didymus the Blind in the Book of Acts, the Catholic Epistles, and the Apocalypse. Ph.D. Diss. McGill University (Canada), 2008.

    Please respond tp my e-mail address. Thank you.

    Yours in Christ:
    Fr Pavel

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