It’s “Official”!

Beginning in January, I will start translating the first book of De trinitate which was attributed to Didymus the Blind (some doubt that he wrote it). To date, there is only one English translation of book one that was done for a M.A. thesis but is no longer being pursued. My academic adviser looked around and couldn’t find anyone working on it, so we talked about using this as a launching pad into Ph.D. work! We’ll see how things pan out after January, but I am excited for where this might take me. I want to study 4th century Trinitarian theology (who doesn’t?!) and I have a passion for getting untranslated Christian works translated–it’s win, win!

Where does this leave Gregory of Nazianzus? Well, I am still interested in his Trinitarian theology, but his Greek is monstrously difficult (seriously, he set the standard for Byzantine style which no one has since matched). Maybe someday, but for now I’ll see if “Didymus” is more suitable to my abilities.


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