Torrance on the Knowledge of God

In no authentic knowledge do we begin with epistemology and then on the ground of theory independently argued go on to develop our actual knowledge. Far less can we pose in abstraction the question, ‘How can I know God?’ and then in the light of the answer we reach go on to examine and explicate what we know. Only on the ground of our actual knowledge of God may we develop an epistemology of it, for the form cannot be separated from the content or the method from the subject-matter of that knowledge. It is God who makes possible our knowledge of Him by giving Himself to us as the object of our knowing and by bringing us into a relationship with Him in which we are made capable of knowing Him, but within that knowledge that prescribes for us the mode of knowing Him. Thus while knowledge of God is grounded in His own being and activity, it takes shape within our human being and activity as human knowledge of God.

T. F. Torrance, God and Rationality (London: Oxford, 1971), 165.


2 thoughts on “Torrance on the Knowledge of God

  1. Excellent. He states it so nicely.

    This is very much the philosophical basis for a certain apologetic method which will for the moment remain unnamed. đŸ˜€

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