First Theological Oration- 27.2a

2. But since dismissing every pious path they look only to this on thing: which they shall bind or loose of those things that are proposed. Just as the public wrestling matches in the theater, but not the kind of wrestling matches in regards to a victory won according to the rules of the sport, but the kind which steals the sight of the ignorant and seizes praise. And indeed, it is necessary for all the market places to hum around with their words, and for all the drinking parties to be worn out with nonsense and unpleasantness, and every festival and every sorrowful occasion to be both unfestive and full of questions, and every woman’s apartment brought up with simplicity to be troubled, and the flower of modesty to be robbed by quick round-about speech.

It has been a while since I translated this, so I cannot provide a detailed comment at this time. One thing I do remember is that the word translated “seized” is a wrestling term, which once again shows Gregory’s rhetorical ability and the unavoidable collateral damage caused by translation.


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